15 March 2008

Update on Caleb

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on our soldier, Caleb! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with him while he was home (in Orlando) on his mid-tour Leave. He seemed to be doing great and really glad to be home with family and friends, and mostly with his fiance, Cali!! He safely returned to Baghdad about a week and a half ago and is back in the business of fighting a war! He is trying to adjust again to Army life and being away from home and all of the comforts of life in America, but he is doing well. He was hoping for a couple of days to get over jet-lag when he arrived at his base (FOB FALCON), but he was put right back to business! We are able to talk to him several times a week through the computer and are so thankful for that contact. He wanted me to thank all of you for your prayers, letters and care packages. He so appreciates all of the support. Continue to pray for his safety, his health and emotional strength, and just endurance to finish the race in Iraq! We are praying he will be home by the end of the year. I will update again soon and Caleb will when he has the chance, the internet is so slow in Iraq that it takes him forever to post a blog, so I am helping out! Betsy, proud Army Mom!!