03 May 2009

Duckbuddy and the Jersey Express.

It's been a long time since I've updated this thing. But now I have something to write about again.

I was moved to a new unit and we're headed to Iraq this fall. Because of that I'm spending retahded amounts of time out in the field and at ranges.

This new unit also has a whole new cast of characters for you all to meet. Unfortunately because of the whole OPSEC thing I can't be as specific as I was last time, especially regarding people's names.

I'll introduce the characters of this comedy as they come along so we'll start with just a few tonight.

First of all - you all know me and this time I'm the gunner on "The Jersey Express." I absolutely despise the name, but my driver and TC are both from Jersey and one of the Philly guys in my unit started referring to our truck as that, and it stuck.

Duckbuddy - A Private from Montana. He was in the marching band back in the day and his band buddies called him Duck. And his Mom called him Buddy. So we call him Duckbuddy. And he hates it. He's notorious for falling asleep.

The Don - He's my TC. Has an unnatural love for the State of New Jersey and the Sopranos. Has a pirate tattoo, he thinks it's massive, it's not. If you've ever read The Game then you've read about this guy. He loves the book and practices it. He's good at his job and that's what matters the most.

Barney - My driver. He's getting ready for his second trip over with me and the kid can drive. He can't miss potholes for the life of him though. I swear I'll get a concussion. With the exception of holes in the road the kid knows what's up behind the wheel. He doesn't get stuck and he sees the road the way I see it.

This time we're headed to Mosul supposedly. Read the book My War by Colby Buzzell to get a feel for what it's going to be like there. I have no idea what to expect...

...oh wait, lots of stupidity and a dash of excitement.