16 April 2008

On the Move...

Sorry it has been so long since the last update. I am failing at keeping up Caleb's blog! I will try to be more consistant in the future!

We have been able to keep up with Caleb pretty regularly the last few weeks and are grateful for that opportunity. He is doing well but has been very busy. The first few weeks he was back in Baghdad were very hectic and dangerous. That was when Al-Sadr's militia was acting up in Basra and Baghdad. Caleb and his crew had a couple of close calls, but thank God, they were not harmed. After things settled down a bit, he had some good news and was promoted to Specialist! He is no longer Private First Class de Armas, he is now Specialist de Armas. With the promotion he received a pay raise and that made him very happy!

Caleb is still (most days) the Gunner on his Humvee. Every time we sign off of the computer I remind him to "keep his head low!!"
And his response is always, "Don't worry, Mom!"

Last week has been very hectic because he and about a hundred other guys are moving off of the FOB (forward operating base.)
They will still be in the same area of Baghdad, but will now be living in a small tent city. He will still have electricity and computer access, but will have to make trips back to the FOB for mail and supplies. I have a feeling the living conditions will not be so nice as before, but I will get an update from Caleb soon and fill you in.

Please keep praying for him and the other brave soldiers in his unit, they are certainly in need of the Father's protection and strength.

I will update again soon, proud soldier mom, Betsy