04 February 2008

At Home...

Ok. So I need some help.

I've been thinking about coming home and all. And I need the assistance of someone in the Central Florida area. Someone who reads this owns a firearm. I have no clue who you are. But you should take e shooting. Cause, I don't think I can handle 18 days without something going boom. And I wanna fire a weapon. Preferably something in the 5.56 - 7.62 range. Pistols just don't do it for me anymore. If you have access to like, a Class III range, then you'll be my best friend forever. I just want to shoot. Without someone shooting back. That'd be cool.

Hook it up!!


I'm not coming home for good. I'm only coming home for my midtour leave. I'll be in the states for 18 days. Then I come back to sunny Iraq.

03 February 2008

I'm done. I was officially pulled off mission status about 20 minutes ago. From now on all I'm doing is packing and getting ready to go home. See you guys soon.

I leave here in four days. Ridiculous.

Ridiculous is a good way to describe the last week here. Apparently Hajji thought that now was a good time to start doing some serious IED's and what not. Seriously guys, can we like, lay low for a week or two? Thanks.

In other news, it's starting to warm up. I think I need to get my AC fixed in the truck this weekend. That sounds like a plan.

I've been really scatter brained this week. I can't sleep. Then I want to sleep all day. I'm sick of my iPod. I want new music. You guys should hook that up when I come home. What should I do when I come home? Any ideas, post them. Cause, that would be awesome.