03 July 2008

Update From Caleb's Mom

Just wanted to fill everyone in on Caleb's situation in Iraq. A week and a half ago, Caleb fell while climbing out of the guard tower. He landed on his shoulder and knocked it out of socket. The problem is, the shoulder kept falling out of socket, so they transported him to FOB FALCON, the big base where he used to live in Baghdad and he saw a doctor. They did an x-ray and exam and relieved him from combat duty (it was his shooting arm) and really believe he needs surgery for ligament damage. He spent several days in Baghdad and is now in Balad, Iraq at a hospital waiting transport to the country of Qatar for an MRI. He is not in pain (unless the shoulder pops out), and he is just enjoying the rest and trying to keep the shoulder stabilized . The doctors in Baghdad told him one of three things will probably happen, if there is ligament damage which they suspect: 1,, they will tape him up and send him back to Baghdad for non-combat duties,(and perform surgery when his tour is over), 2., they will send him to Germany for surgery and rehab, or 3., they will send him back to the US for surgery and rehab.

We are praying for the Lord's will, but would love for him to come back to the states!! Whatever the scenario, it looks as if his combat days are over for this tour and we are grateful for that!!

I asked him if he would receive a purple heart for falling out of the guard tower and he said "only if someone were shooting at me!!" We might as well keep laughing and at least be grateful for this little respite he is having, even if he has to return to Baghdad!!

We'll keep you posted!!

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